Asian Migrants Credit Union

The first and only credit union of migrant workers of various nationalities in Hong Kong

Temporarily suspend loan & share withdrawal service until 6 July 2019 the latest

AMCU is currently consolidating member’s documents, i.e. finance and personal particulars. In this process, withdrawal and loan application is suspended. Repayment and saving is not affected. Loan & share withdrawal application will be resumed once the documents are consolidated and not later than 6 July 2019. Should you have any urgent needs, please contact us via hotline 9208 3227. We are very sorry causing any inconvenience. Hope you can bear with us. Thank you.

What is AMCU?

Asian Migrants Credit Union (AMCU) is a Hong Kong based saving-and-credit cooperative in which migrant domestic workers can save with very minimum balance requirement, and low interest rate on loans.

Who we are

We are a democratic mutual help co-operative run by migrant workers, or members/staff of migrant organizations or worker trade unions in HK. AMCU is also a HK registered legal entity in accordance to HK Law Ordinance #119, Credit Union Ordinance, and under the governing of Credit Union Registrar of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSAR.

What we do

We help migrants building up financial management and good saving practice, and provide migrant friendly conditions to open saving account with annual dividend and low-interest loans (1%) with flexible repayment schedule upon members in financial hardship.

What we achieved

Since 2008, AMCU has opened more than 700 accounts for migrant workers.

Why You Should Join Us?

The Current Fnancial Situation of Migrant Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

Do Not Have A Bank Account

due to a lack of financial awareness and strict bank regulations to open new accounts

Reported They Are In Debt

due to a lack of awareness for personal financial management

What Migrant Domestic Workers Say About Us

AMCU encourages me to manage my saving and achieve my financial goals.

Join Us Today


9208 3227

Enquiry response: Within 24 hours upon hotline and email enquiries.


Rm 2-6, G/F., Kam Wah House, Choi Hung Estate, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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